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Texas Bandmasters Association Clinic

Developing a Common Language for Ensemble Instruction
Friday, July 26 at 5:00 PM in CC217ABC | 2019 Texas Bandmasters Association Convention

For a full copy of all slides in the presentation (pdf format), click HERE.

For a copy of the handout, click HERE.

Beginning the Dialogue


∆    Building mature and characteristic sounds

Ensemble Skills Packet - Flute | Oboe | English Horn | Bassoon | Clarinet | Bass Clarinet | Alto Sax | Tenor Sax | Bari Sax

Trumpet | Horn | Trombone | Bass Trombone | Euphonium | Tuba

∆    Ensuring that pitches are consistently centered and focused

Malcolm Arnold's Sarabande and Polka - Mvt II - tutti band phrase

∆    Fostering a student’s understanding of correct balance and blend

Chang Su Koh's Arirang and Akatonbo

Sousa's Fairest of the Fair

Holsinger's On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss

∆    Teaching an awareness of tuning within and between sections


Sousa's Fairest of the Fair

∆    An effective performance of dynamic contrast (consistent, obvious, and measurable)

Holsinger's On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss


∆    Demonstrating consistent manual dexterity and flexibility with precision


Sousa's Fairest of the Fair

Shostakovich's Festive Overture

∆    Approaching rhythm with uniformity throughout the ensemble

∆    Performing articulation which is appropriate and consistent

Sousa's Fairest of the Fair


∆    Playing with proper musical style throughout the program

∆    Encouraging sensitivity to phrasing, shaping, and musical line


Biebl's Ave Maria

∆    Inspiring dynamic variation and musical nuance


Sousa's Fairest of the Fair

∆    Consistently conveying artistic, energetic, and emotional understanding to the audience

Sousa's Fairest of the Fair

Gerry Miller, Coppell HS -

Adrian Caswell, Coppell HS

Rusty Gray, Coppell Middle School East - 

Jeremy Lindquist, Coppell Middle School North -

Greg McCutcheon, Coppell Middle School West -

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