Band Registration 2020

Student Schedule by Last Name


Registration Step-by-Step:
1. Enter at the Main Entrance to the school nearest the flagpoles.

2. Drop off Complete Forms (4 forms, all linked below)

3. Verify CHARMS login and information update
4. Verify completion (if needed) of Food Allergies/Restrictions Form (linked below)

5. Sign up to Volunteer at something this year

6. Try on shoes (if needed) / verify t-shirt and compression sizes (no try-ons)

7. Pay your first installment of the Band Fee and any other necessary fees for the year. Click HERE to learn how do this online (2m15s).
    NOTE: If you need help with payments, please reach out ot the Care Team (

8. New Members pick up their t-shirts, compression gear, etc.

Please print, complete, and sign the following forms prior to arrival on Saturday:

Medical / Permission Form

CISD Extracurricular Code of Conduct Form

UIL 8-hour Acknowledgement Form

Permission to use GroupMe/Text App for Communication

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

If you have any special FOOD NEEDS (allergies, vegetarian, vegan), you MUST COMPLETE this form.

Volunteer to Help This Season

We know that we're going to need more help this season than ever before.
We are working diligently to provide socially-distanced volunteer opportunities.
Before signing up to volunteer, complete this CISD Background Check.  
Please note that this must be done annually.

CISD Volunteer Background Check

Once you've finished that form, sign up to volunteer at the link below:
Sign up on iVOLUNTEER


Coppell Band Merchandise

To order Coppell Band merchandise, click on the QR code below.

Note that the online store closes on September 28, so ORDER SOON.

Items are individually shipped to your home contact-free.