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Fun ideas for band fundaising

Why do high schools need to find band booster fundraising ideas? It is very simple. It is because school bands have to raise money. Budget cuts mean bands don't get the funds they need to pay for band uniforms and instruments. (Have you searched lately to see how much a new tuba cost?) Furthermore, funds are required for competitions and travel expenses. So how do they get the money? They have to fundraise.😁

Here are some great ideas for band booster club fundraisers:

+ Many band fundraisers can be done virtual and online.

+ Bake sales still work. As long as people like to eat cookies and brownies... Bake sales will work for any booster club.

+ Speaking of cookies many booster parents have had success selling gourmet cookie dough.

+ Booster car wash day. If you get the band together they can have fun washing cars, vans and trucks for a donation to the high school band.

+ Here is another fundraising idea with a twist. Contact your local car detailer and local car wash. They will be happy to let you presell car washes and they will do the work for you. Your band can keep a portion of the profits.

+ Band restaurant fundaiser party. Musicians don't need an excuse to party. With this restaurant idea you can throw a breakfast, luch or dinner party at your favorite restaurant. Many even have a big room for parties in the back. So talk to the owners before hand. Ask them if they would host your party on a slow night during the week. Your band can earn a percentage of all the food and drinks purchased that night.

+ Have a summer music concert fundraiser. Your school can sell tickets or snacks and drinks. With a little creativity you can also sell advertising to local businesses.

+ Spring garage sale. Engage with the local community by contacting the students, parents, neighbors, and neighborhood associations. Request that everyone donate items from their closets and garages to your band's fundraising effort. Gather everything and hold your yard sale in a school, park, community center, or even a private residence. All purchases can be done immediately through Paypal on a mobile device, in cash, or as donations to your fundraiser.

So it is up to the band booster club members to raise the funds they need. With a good group of supporters, volunteers and donors your school can raise the money they need.


Band Fundraising Ideas

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