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Pre-Performance Physicals

ALL Coppell HS, CHS9, and NT@C Band performers will be required to have a Pre-Performance Physical Form on-file with the Band Office for the 2022-2023 school year.

To access the form, click the picture below...










Here are some FAQ's about Pre-Performance Physicals and UIL...
Where is the physical examination form and medical history form?
On the UIL website at
Who collects these forms and maintains compliance?
The school district.
How does UIL define who must meet this requirement?
This requirement is for any student that a school district determines is a member of the marching band.
Does a student in athletics and marching band need a separate physical examination for each activity?
No. The forms are the same for both athletics and band in CISD.
What does pre-participation mean?
Pre-participation means prior to starting any physical activities – marching or otherwise, inside or outside – associated with marching band practice and performance.
How does this requirement affect a student with physical limitations or special needs accommodations?
All students are expected to be medically cleared for the role they will perform with the marching band. Therefore, a student with any physical limitations or special needs accommodations may be permitted by the authorized medical professional to participate with the marching band in a modified or specific role. For example, if a student is unable to march, the medical professional would designate on the form “Not cleared for: Marching.” Further information on any limitations could then be listed by the medical professional in the “Recommendation” section of the examination form.

If you have additional questions after reviewing this page, please email Ms. Shuttlesworth.


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