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The Coppell HS Band program consists of nearly 500 students. The seven concert bands have consistently earned straight superior ratings at UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest. The Wind Symphony has been recognized as a TMEA State Honor Band Finalist 8 times since 1997. The ensemble is comprised of highly-motivated students. Coppell consistently has a large number of TMEA All-State student-performers.


The Coppell community has changed drastically over the past 25 years. With steady growth, our city has fostered a wonderful spirit of diversity - bringing together young people from all across the world to take part in the musical experiences offered by the Coppell Bands.

To download a roster, see a picture, and learn more about our performers and their most-recent TMEA accomplishments, click below:

Wind Symphony (1st Band)

Symphonic Band I (2nd Band)

Symphonic Band II (3rd Band)


In looking at Coppell ISD by the numbers, our district is 49.8% Asian, 29.2% White, 13.4% Hispanic, and 4.3% African American, with 3.3% from other races. Over 10% of our students are Economically disadvantaged, and 12.1% of our students are English-language learners. 23.2% of the leaners in Coppell ISD are considered At-Risk. It is through this diversity that we are able to showcase the advantages of having a racially and ethnically blended program, with students from varied backgrounds and experiences, where learning takes place amongst a global community motivated to intentionally and positively impact the world through Music and the Arts.


Recording - Score (pdf) - Barnum and Bailey's Favorite (1913) by Karl L. King (recorded Feb 4, 2020)

Recording - Score (pdf) - "Dance of the Seven Veils" from Salome (1907) by Richard Strauss/Yo Goto (recorded Apr 3, 2019)


Recording - Millennium Canons (2001) by Kevin Puts (recorded Feb 4, 2020)

Recording - Adagio para Orquesta de Instrumentos de Viento (1966) by Joaquin Rodrigo/Alyssa Grey (recorded Feb 4, 2020)

Recording - Gum Suckers March (1914) by Percy Grainger (recorded May 2018)

Recording - Bachianas Brasilieras No. 4 (1941) by Hector Villa-Lobos/Merlin Patterson (recorded May 2018)

Recording -Masque (2001) by Kenneth Hesketh (recorded May 2018)


In considering program depth, please listen to selections from a few of our Non-Varsity and Sub Non-Varsity ensembles

Coppell HS 2nd Band (6A Non Varsity) - Adrian Caswell, conductor

Recording - Finale from Symphony No. 4 (1878) by Peter Tchaikovsky/Safranek/Ragsdale (recorded Apr 2, 2019)

Recording - Cielo Andaluz (1914) by Pascual Marquina/Tim Rhea (recorded Apr 2, 2019)

Recording - Overture to Candide (1955) by Leonard Bernstein/Clare Grundman (recorded Feb 6, 2020)

Recording - Blue Shades (1997) by Frank Ticheli (recorded Apr 2, 2019)

Coppell HS 3rd Band (6A Sub Non-Varsity A) - Brandon Slovak, conductor

Recording - Noble Men March (1922) by Henry Fillmore (recorded  Feb 5, 2019)

Recording - Romanian Folk Dances - Mvts I-VI (1915) by Béla Bartók/Yo Goto (recorded Apr 2, 2019)

Coppell HS 4th Band (6A Sub Non-Varsity B) - Adrian Caswell, conductor

Recording - Bravura (1918) by Charles E. Duble (recorded Apr 2, 2019)


T​he Band programs of the Coppell Independent School District are an incredibly diverse tapestry of student-performers hailing from nearly every nation in the world. We believe that “in diversity there is beauty and there is strength” (Maya Angelou). We believe that the Band programs of Coppell ISD thrive by fostering a student-centered framework focused on name-and-need and based on three key pillars of program success: rigor, relevance, and relationships.

The Coppell HS Wind Symphony has earned 27 Consecutive UIL Sweepstakes Awards. 

Additionally, the Coppell HS Wind Symphony has earned 8 TMEA Honor Band State Finalist appearances:

2019 - 5th Place State Finalist in 6A (Gerry Miller)

2015 - 2nd Place State Finalist in 5A (Scott Mason)

2013 - 4th Place State Finalist in 5A (Scott Mason)

2009 - 3rd Place State Finalist in 5A (Scott Mason)

2007 - 3rd Place State Finalist in 5A (Scott Mason)

2003 - 2nd Place State Finalist in 5A (Scott Mason)

1998 - State Honor Band in 4A (Scott Mason)

1996 - 3rd Place State Finalist in 4A (Scott Mason)

To hear a recording of the 2019 State Finalist Honor Band program, click HERE.

Repertoire List

The Coppell HS Bands perform a wide variety of literature across the seven concert bands.

For a list of Repertoire performed by the Coppell HS Wind Symphony over the past several years, click HERE.

Concert Programs

Each year, the Coppell HS Bands host a total of 8 concerts for our community to enjoy.

To view some of our previous concert programs, please click HERE.

About Coppell

Coppell is a city in the northwest corner of Dallas County in Texas. It is a suburb of Dallas and a bedroom community in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. The population is 41,941.


The Coppell area was settled by German and French immigrants in the 1840s. The town was named for George Coppell, a wealthy English financier who came to the United States in the 1880’s and was heavily involved with the final construction of the local railroad line. Spurred by the opening of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in 1974, the city was radically transformed from a tiny farming village to a large, upper-middle class suburban community.


The Coppell Independent School District is responsible for the K–12 education of the majority of the City of Coppell's children. A portion of the CISD also covers parts of north Irving in the Valley Ranch area and portions of Lewisville. The area is proudly served by one high school – Coppell High School. CHS celebrated our 60th anniversary during the 2019-2020 school year.


Coppell ISD’s music curriculum begins in Kindergarten for our students, with weekly music classes focusing on Kodaly and Orff instruction along with select ensembles that offer additional vocal and rhythm training through elementary choirs and percussion groups. Starting in 6th grade, students in CISD begin instrumental music education in one of 3 middle schools: Coppell MS East, Coppell MS North, and Coppell MS West. Each campus offers daily, homogenous beginning instruction on all wind and percussion instruments, with a deep focus on fundamental musicianship skills and music reading.


In 7th and 8th grades, students audition into one of three ability-based ensembles at each middle school – Honor Winds, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band. Each band meets daily for 50 minutes. Middle School Bands perform as part of the UIL system. In 2018- 2019, every Coppell Middle School Band earned super ratings in both concert and sightreading. Middle school students also audition for the Coppell All-City Band each October, an activity which prepares them for TMEA All-Region auditions in high school. Additionally, they perform at the Coppell ISD Solo and Ensemble Contest each February. Coppell Middle Schools have been highly successful in both the TMEA Honor Band process as well as the Mark of Excellence competition. Weekly enrichment is available to all students through private lessons. Over 90% of secondary students take part in private lessons from highly-qualified professionals.


After middle school, all Coppell ISD students transition to CHS9 – our freshmen campus. At CHS9, students audition into one of two ability-based bands and are considered for advancement into the high school bands during their 9th grade year. The bands meet daily for 90 minutes. CHS9 students also form the cornerstone of our unique JV Marching Band – a 200-member ensemble which helps students transition from middle school programs into the rigors of a competitive marching band once they reach 10th grade. CHS9 students audition for All-Region Bands and perform at both the Coppell HS Ensemble Festival (February) and the North Texas Premiere Solo and Ensemble Contest (May). For UIL Concert and Sightreading, CHS9 students perform in Sub Non-Varsity ensembles, considered by UIL to be a part of the overall Coppell HS entry.


At Coppell HS, all performers audition into one of 5 ensembles which meets for 90 minutes each day. Individual musicianship and strong fundamentals form the basis of the Coppell HS Band program. In the fall, the Varsity Marching Band consists of 280 students who perform at Friday night football games as well as community events and UIL and BOA marching competitions. Following marching season, the students perform in five annual concert series split across two evenings, with each ensemble performing 3-4 works – Winter (December), Mid- Winter (February), Pre-UIL (March), UIL (April), and Spring (May). As well, all students enter into chamber ensembles in preparation for the Coppell HS Ensemble Festival (February), and prepare solo works for the North Texas Premiere Solo and Ensemble Contest each May. Additionally, Coppell HS Jazz Ensemble I and Jazz Ensemble II perform at jazz festivals across North Texas in the spring. The vast majority of performers engage in the TMEA All-Region process. In 2019-2020, Coppell HS students earned the second-highest number of All-State chairs in the State of Texas. All students perform at UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest in April. In 2018-2019, six Coppell HS/CHS9 Bands received Superior Ratings in both Concert and Sightreading Contest.


The Coppell ISD Band programs work carefully through our programming to ensure that our students are exposed to a broad range of music by composers of all genders who bring diverse cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds into their works.

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